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So Man Created God in his Own Image

Does the Creator of the Universe resemble the anthropomorphic description of God as depicted by the main religions? And does such a supreme being really care about the fate of mankind? If life senselessly ends at death, what purpose does a human strive for during his brief passage on Earth? Shouldn’t he strive to contribute to mankind’s collective well-being, and incidentally his own, rather than dogmatically obeying commands from a bygone era? In short, is it possible to be both realistic and happy? And what is true happiness beyond what religion or capitalism tries to sell us? With the exponential increase in the use of anti-depressants, we sadly cannot claim that all is well in society. But in order to repair a watch, one must first understand how it works. Fortunately, recent scientific discoveries decisively unveil the biological mechanisms underneath the hood of happiness.


Prepare to be challenged by Romain's scholarship

Bob Rich, 18 novembre 2019

Romain writes that this book has taken him 15 years to write. I can believe it, given the meticulous documentation, drawn from literally dozens of fields of human knowledge, the wide breadth of issues he considers, and the deep thought that must have gone into every page of this long book.

The person I was 45 years ago would have agreed with every one of his conclusions and admonitions. Given my interpretation of the evidence available to me now, I still agree with much of it, but not all. I agree with his evidence-based arguments against a Puppet-Master in the Sky, the cultural, human-created basis of religions, and the damage and horror people have excused with religion, from ancient times to the present day.

My disagreement is about the reductionist viewpoint: that everything can be explained by looking at the material universe, that consciousness is nothing but an expression of the nervous system. Rather, I now agree with Petrea King that our body is merely a spacesuit for surviving on this planet. But that’s all right. A review is not the place for a philosophical/scientific argument.

To enjoy this book, you need to be highly intelligent, well-educated with an interest in a wide diversity of fields, and with the ability to assess evidence. If you are within this select readership, I recommend you take up Romain’s challenges and read the book.

Get Ready To Cheer, Chafe, And Chortle.

R. Cleveland, 12 novembre 2019

This is a thoroughly researched book that isn't afraid to puncture the Left, the Right, and everyone in between. From religion to politics to biology, Romain takes on everyone and everything, all backed by science with extensive footnotes and references. If you've ever wondered about the connections that make up the current crazy human condition, this book is a great place to start.

Excellent read

Steve Uzelac, 12 novembre 2019

This book was quite an interesting and truly enjoyable read. I was impressed with not only the author's way of laying out his views and observations but also with his back up/references. Whether you're religious or not, this book will open your mind.

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